Friday, 7 May 2010

Throw the begging man the left overs...

I saw on the BBC midland news the other night that the Chinese company who have 'taken over' the once proud Austin (Rover) motor company,the now deceased and cremated heart of Britain's once mighty motor industry.
The news 'raved' fell over themselves showing us the latest model that the company has produced, they then spoke to the people who 'build' the car in whats left of the Longbridge site. These sad people were all agog at the car, saying how wonderful it was to be 'building' vehicles again at Longbridge. The thing is the car is actually made in China then shipped in bits to Longbride to be assembled y British car workers. How shameful is this?! What & how low have we stooped to in this country that we now just assemble cars made abroad. I think this is absolutely awful. Throw the British working man some crumbs.
However, I can understand the 'joy' expressed by the assemblers at Longbridge: they have a job & are able to see an end product which is more than they had before when the Judas of a government allowed Rover to close thus throwing thousands onto the dole.
Socialists? Don't make me laugh. Te philosophy of the thankfully outgoing bourgeois socialist' government appeared to be "bugger the working man lets claim some more on expenses & live like fat feudal lords"

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