Monday, 3 May 2010

Leave me alone.... & shut the fuck up!!

So I'm sitting on the plane waiting to take off, then I was on the train travelling from Birmingham International station to that filthy hell hole known as New Street station. Then yesterday I was in Sainsburys buying some tea. Ordinary stuff.
However out of the apparent heavens comes a voice telling me what to do, giving me 'information' of some (often trivial ) sort. No, dear reader I am not suffering a relapse of my psychosis, its that almost everywhere I go people/organisations give out intrusive audible commands or instructions.
For example: Sitting on the train a voice announces that "passengers should please take care to take their luggage with them when they leave the train" How dare they!! Suppose I want to leave one (or more) of my cases etc on the train? Isn't it my choice?! Suppose I want to stand near the edge of the platform? My choice! (OK so "you might get sucked off" (thats what the sign said!!) Well count me in on that one matey!!
And on the plane I'm told to adopt the "brace position when instructed" Thank you Monarch Airline but I don't want too so piss off! The cabin crew member stands there telling me how to put on a life jacket...I might not want to!!

I was running short of Earl Grey Tea yesterday so I went to Sainsbuys to top up. Browsing as you/I do a voice comes out of the heavens telling me that I can have 25% off all wines. I DON'T WISH TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION!!! Its all so intrusive, please shut the fuck up!!

There is too much of this sort of intrusion into peoples lives in my observation & opinion. To much persuasion, to many people demanding my attention, money & above all my time. Well I got news for you who do anit havin, any!

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