Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Christmas???/ Northerners

Only a couple of rants today people.
You may know or not know but I am currently an 'Aldi boy' by that I mean that currently I do the weekly shop generally at Aldi's. I do so because its cheaper than the big 2 0r 3 other supermarkets, generally the quality is very good & there Sainsburys et al. You would be surprised at the type of people that shop there: I came across a couple loading their shopping into the back of their (I presume!) top of the range Lexus 4x4 jeep, I've come across Birmingham University lecturers, at last month I saw the BBC Midlands Today weather girl buying wine at the Aldi in Selly Oak!! (I'd like to get my hands on her isobars I can tell you!!).
Now, where am I going with this?? I'll tell you....today, whilst paying for my purchase of Mozzarella cheese, I saw that Aldi were selling.... Advent Calenders!!
What the fuck is this?? Its just about the season of Autumn, not even October & the bloody shops (& I use the pleural) are selling Christmas goods. Its the consumer world gone mad. The money grabbing bastards & you know what?....I saw one woman pick 1 up & look at it!! I despair at the world that I have retired into I really do.

The other rant I wish to bore you with is this: The sad twat that I am I caught an episode of 'Coronation Street' last night. To be honest I couldn't make much sense of what was happening, I did recognise Ken Barlow, however, I noticed that without exception, those that work (& indeed those that don't) go to the 'Rovers' pub at lunch time have a couple of pints & a hotpot & then return to work none the worse the ware for drinking in the middle of the day.

My conclusions is this: Either Northerners are a race set apart from us the rest of the country & thus are able to drink copious amounts of alcohol at lunch time without falling asleep mid afternoon as the rest of the population in my observation, appear to do.
Or, the cast (& ? those north of Derby)are not drinking 'real' beer, wine, G&T's etc etc especially at lunch time.
Its all bollocks though. I think I'll stick to watching 'Snog, Marry, Avoid' in future!! And that will be the subject of another rant in the future I'm sure.....

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