Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Closer to home....

Now this takes the absolute fucking biscuit......

On the radio news yesterday (not your shite for brains Radio 1 or the moronic BRMB crap, but on the 'Today' programme on Radio 4.
A fella in (?) Harringey,London has been told that he faces prosecution for 'making' his 5 yr old child walk some 20 yards to a bus stop to catch the bus to school. Now this is the 'nanny state' gone completely ape shite mad in my opinion, health & safety lunacy & just about typical of southern mentality!

But...I can happily report good people that the stupid bastards at Harringey have withdrawn the threat saying that if they were to continue with the prosecution they would have to proceed under the 'Child Protection' laws & they have decided that the cost ( & no doubt the thought of being laughed out of court!) would have been prohibitive.


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