Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Johnstan's the butchers

Today I, & not without some trepidation, decided to buy some offal. Given the choice of supermarkets locally I decided to support my local & only butcher....Johnstan's.
Normally when one goes into the shop it is almost impossible to come out not only with what one went into purchase,but cfome out having brought at least half dozen other items of meat or fish, such are the persuasive talents of Stan the owner & master butcher of the place.
However today I went in brought 1lb of pigs liver & managed to come out without buying anything else! This dispite Stan (the man) strongly suggesting that I should buy some "tasty back bacon to compliment the liver...." Not content with me declining his advice/suggestion he went on to suggest that I buy some of his "home made Chilli & Garlic sausages"
Now came the difficult bit...he had some of the aforementioned sausages already cooked & gave me a sample, & bloody good they were too! Nevertheless I exercised restraint & assertivly declied his suggestion.
My friend in Oz John Middleton, will fully understand what I'm talking about, as he has numerous times run the gauntlet of Johnstans' sales methods.
He is a damn fine butcher though, & today his pigs hearts did look appealing....however the trick is I've discovered, not to let Stan catch you looking at anything else in the shop whilst you wait for your purchase to be weighed up.

And the offal?? Delicious......
Thanks Stan

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  1. That man's a fucker, all right! I once went in there for enough kidneys for my 'home-alone' tea and came out with a huge carrier bag full and a sack of Samp (which I never ate and think I might have fobbed off on you, eventually). And I consider myself pretty good at resisting the pitches of sales-people. It made me not want to shop there in the end, despite the delicious irony of them having bought all the carrier bags up from the vegetarian shop which had closed down in Moseley and giving you your dead animal parts in those.