Monday, 20 September 2010

El Papa aka The pope.... & his visit to Birmingham

We in Birmingham we recently 'honoured' by a visit from the Pope-Benedict the XV1. Did I along with the other 60k Roman Catholics from around the UK go to see him when he visited Birmingham yesterday?? Did I fuck.
At Mass on Saturday we were told (the priest was almost manic in his exultation at the MANS visitation) that those intending to go & see the MAN should be waiting outside the Parish Church at 5:30 am!! Madness!! I only get up at that time to go for a piss!!

Once there access was strictly by limited ticket only & the MAN was shielded from the vulgar gaze of those none Catholic sinners(?) by a solid steel 12foot high fence.

I would like to ask the Church hierarchy if (as far as we are aware)when Jesus Christ gathered the thousand odd people who attended the Sermon on the Mount did he arrange for the Jewish local government (whatever) to erect a similar construction? I fancy not.

Then we have the Fascist police in London arrest 6 street cleaners (of Arab origin I understand) under suspicion of plotting to assassinate the Pope. It had to happen didn't it? & those arrested would have to be either be Arabs, Muslims or of Irish origin. Incidental the 6 were released later without charge. (of course).

Finally we have the head Fascist Twat Cameron wave the Pope off at Birmingham airport. Shite.

You may have gathered by now that I have no interest in the Pope's visit neither am I a fan of the Pope. I believe him to be out of touch with grass roots Catholics & people in general (esp the youth & the 'Third World') & fixed in beliefs which appear to be centered in the late 19th Century. I believe him to be also homophobic. I have not gone into the whole business of the Church's child abuse scandal.

I do believe that Cardinal John Henry Newman was & is a Holy & wise man. His wisdom & writings are worthy of study. We would do well to note & remember one quote of his when he said that "Respectability should be a cardinal sin" very true John Henry, how very true...

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