Wednesday, 27 October 2010

10 days in France

My tiredness has now been filed into the library of fatigue under the catalogue of 'pleasurable though knackering experiences' that is housed somewhere between aching muscles & thank God its over!

Last weekend I returned from 10 lovely day in the Norman town on of Vernon (France). I went along as a 'helper'(& God knows I believed that they must be desperate to enroll me as a helper!) with my daughters school in York. In total there were 29 adolescents, 2 teachers &

I many undertook many activities, experienced clusters of emotions & ate wonderful food as well as swallowing some spectacular tasting drink(s).

The children behaved as 'adolescents' do, though in saying that their behaviour was more than appropriate for their ages & was generally socially acceptable. I went to Euro Disney which more than lived up to my personal belief that it lies somewhere between the nearest thing on earth to Purgatory & a shrine to the Goddess Hedone & Hedonism. The best thing about the place as far as I'm concerned is/was the way out of the place! But the kids loved it so that's fine.

During my time in Vernon I stayed with a French family who lived in a house that quite frankly I would die for. The house, its style, decoration, furnishings & more especially its atmosphere were sublime & a joy to my eyes & my heart.

Pascal & Marie opened their home to me, they tolerated my poor French spoken with a Brummie accent & allowed me to unwind after a long day of shepherding the children around the sights & cities of France. I had a fantastic time & as I type her my tummy reflects & rumbles upon the taste of the numerous cheeses that were laid upon Pascals' table for our delight. Then there was the treat of Pascal's gift of the Cognac. Sadly I have not the vocabulary to express the gustatory delight of allowing the Cognac of 1943 vintage to trickle slowly down my uncultured gullet & then it mingling with the fish, soup & cheese(s) lying in repose in my belly. But I implore you people, to let your minds wander & attempt to imagine if you would please the feelings of this experience....

Thank you Pascal & Marie for the myriad of experiences, tastes & feelings you shared with me.

I think that though the days were punishing the evenings were an ecstasy in so many ways.

And my knowledge of French?? Its improved a little I think...I now can order the drink I want in a cafe/bar & ask for the nearest exit route from Euro Disney!

I am more of a Francophile than ever. I am at one with the passion of the French personality & nature as opposed to the traditional Anglo-Saxon reserve. I will go back to Vernon & I sincerly hope to meet with my hosts again.

What a time...what a time....

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