Monday, 4 October 2010

Last weekend.....

We went to (another) family wedding at the weekend.

I meet some very interesting & lovely people who curiously enough weren't family. I say "curiously" because these people ( & from what I gather have, or are currently viewed with a degree of scepticism &/or derision!) were not family members!
Now keeping hold of my opinion, ask yourself people, just what does it say about me. That I found these people (guests) interesting & lovely??!!

Moreover, I wonder then, what is the general opinion of me??!!
However do I worry or care?? Well in the cold light of a Sunday morning in Jury's Inn I did, but not now.
Rather, I rejoice that I might be viewed as 'different', odd & bizarre. (By the way I love my green bow tie with small red alligators on, & it went with my red socks!! & Kate looked stunning, sexy & unique in her black dress, bright green tights & matching Parisian styled neck scarf.)

I'm sure that the world does need at some level, the boring, small minded provincial conventional people of the world. But for now, let us all embrace the 'different' people of the world.

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