Friday, 1 October 2010

I want to rant again!!!......Sod it I'm gonna!!!

Today I hope you'll all give me grace to rant about a couple (at least) of things.
Well it all began last night & it was all my own fault to be honest.....I watched BBC's 'Question Time'. Fatal. For me, the family & no doubt the neighbours. Because I ALWAYS end up roaring & arguing the toss with the TV more specifically, the members of the panel who are usually Members of Parliament.
Well, last nights last nights panel was made up of 1 Tory twat MP, a Tory historian (who was a typical right wing middle class Fascist bastard!) Simon Hughes-one of those formerly reasonable Liberal MP's who sold his soul to the Conservatives & the very sensible Dianne Abbot, who appears to represent the type of Socialism that the Labour Pary used to have & hold.
God I let rip at that programme. Well what can you expect from the Right Wing BBC? They think that the UK ends at Watford.

Today the fucking binmen.... They 'took' the recyclable rubbish away today & to be honest why the fuck they bother I don't know! There is more left on the road & pavements than before the bastards came around! I had to stop my car whilst driving along the street & remove 2 recycle boxes that the lazy bastards had thrown into the middle of the road after they had emptied the contents into the garbage truck. Its not fucking rocket science to be able to throw the stuff in the back of the truck is it? Nor can it be that hard to place the container back outside the house from which it came. The bastards.

Now the weather. Its shite. Pissing down of rain water everywhere. The poor bloody cat came in & the bloody water was dripping from the poor bastards fur! He looks at me with a look that seems to say "I know you're responsible for this you lanky bastard!! Piss off cat!!!

That's enough for now. But wait.... I gotta go over to Belfast for a wedding this weekend & I ain't looking forward to it that much to be honest I have a sister in law who makes my fucking teeth itch & she may be there. But what the fuck? Bollocks to her.

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