Monday, 4 October 2010

I love where I live!!

Some years ago-it was at my eldest daughters graduation from Birmingham University in fact-the guy who awarded the degrees made his usual waffle speech about how "honoured (he) was to be allowed to present the degrees etc etc. In his speech he continued to describe Kings Heath & Moseley as 'Left Bank'.
Now that stuck with me, & now & again I come across things, situations & people in these environs that cause me to reflect upon that cliche & make me smile & feel glad to live in Birmingham 14.
Today was no exception.....Whilst listening to the glorious Rooks crawing in Highbury park at the bottom of the Garden & at the same time allowing my eyes to feast upon the different shades of yellow & gold that the leaves are turning, I head what sounded like an Alpine Horn coming from the direction of the park!

Now I've heard this before from the park but never paid too much attention to it but this time I jumped on my bike & headed in the direction of the wonderful sound.

Some 3 minutes later I saw him..... In Highbury Park-A guy of about 60 odd years old sitting on a small folding deck chair blowing into this bloody Alpine horn! And what a splendid sound he made to! He actually could play this thing I was unable to recognise any of the tunes but it was tremendous stuff!
The sun was shining, the colours of the leaves tumbling down to the rain glistening grass, & free Alpine music. I love Kings Heath.

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