Thursday, 17 December 2009

It seems to me that unless one has the status of a celebrity, once one reaches a certain age which in my observation is over the age of approximately 50 years; ones opinions are disregarded.
I have neither celebrity status & I am 57years old. Thus & my current experience demonstrates this, I am ignored, ridiculed & regarded as a doddery old fool whose opinions are viewed as reactionary & dated (at best)by those 20 years my junior.
These opinions appear to be supported by the fact that my eyesight is failing as is my hearing.
So I snap periodically which adds to the said opinions as stated. I am then regarded as a "Grumpy old man!"
How can I, or anyone of equivalent age win??
If I had whiskey in the house I pour myself a large one money is spent (and frittered for the main part) in funding the life style of the very same young people who treat me as a member of a lower caste.
Was I like this when I was a younger adult I wonder? Is this the pattern of young(er) people the world over? I invite the comments of whoever....
But I am not a celebrity.....

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