Sunday, 20 December 2009

Reason to celebrate???

As John Lennon sang.." this is Christmas and what have you done...?"
The nation is at war in a Nation far away which has a different time zone; a nation that has never been subjugated by a foreign power since Alexander The Great. Daily young lives are lost, returned to their parents and loved ones in wooden boxes draped with a flag. Whilst others return damaged beyond repair in body and mind.
I find it difficult to celebrate the democracy that was bequeathed to me by fathers sacrifice, when those who represent me and my children glean for their own ends money in order to maintain their bourgeois lifestyle. The political party of Keir Hardy founded by the working man, for the working man,has betrayed the working man and will never again be trusted by the working man. And what will be the legacy?? Thatcher's bastard child.
I feel saddened that the health service that trained me, healed me and that I devoted my working life too is becoming governed by 'targets' and 'tables'. For many in the profession their duty is becoming a 'chore' rather than duty or pleasure. The emphasis to be a caring nurse,social worker, doctor, police officer etc in 2009 is to be an academic accountable to your employer not your patient, client or the public.
We in the affluent west having polluted and poisoned the world and grown fat in the process,now chastise those nations of the world who want and deserve the standard of life that we in the west have enjoyed for decades.We expect them to retard their economic development in order to preserve the status quo in the world. But have not we,in the West, damaged the world without a thought? Have we not pillaged raped and killed in the nations of the East for hundreds of years? Lets celebrate the progress we initiated, the lives we took, the species we extinguished etc etc.
So: lets look at the ghost(s) of Christmas past and hopefully the Ghost of Christmas to come will be egalitarian, beautiful and for the living, the dying and the dead.
......" another year over and a new one...."
Happy Christmas.

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