Thursday, 24 December 2009


I am aware at the moment of the potency & depth of what it means to be a loner. Generally I prefer my own company but going out today ( as tradition demands) I observed the generalised camaraderie.I felt that I was one within and to myself, set apart. Unreached and insular queueing as I was in the supermarket I glanced at what those around me had brought, the goods reflected a companionship, they gave off an aroma of unity, a common cause.
I don't feel or have that 'aroma' despite being in the midst of a loving family with a wife whom I love and her loving me. I guess that's it... that's why Christmas is such a almost dreaded time for me, because it highlights the inner loneliness that I feel which for the rest of the year I am able to keep at arms length.

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