Sunday, 27 December 2009

I have had a lovely day today. Rose early,walked to Mass, and even though not being able to understand a single word of Fr Fitzpatrick's' sermon, the Mass was spiritually nourishing.
The day was spring like, with clear blue skies and the occasional cloud skidding across pushed by a high zephyr. The wind stung our cheeks as Kate & I walked around the local park. I regressed when I slid like a boy on frozen sheets of ice...wonderful!
The ducks & Moorhens were ravenous....eating bread out of my hands. Then with the pool frozen, I skimmed large chunks of ice across the echo made booming through the frozen surface from the icy depths below.
It felt good to be alive, the exercise refreshed our spirits and our bodies and we returned home to hot fresh coffee. A lovely day.

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