Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year

After picking up my youngest daughter from work on New Years Eve we all drove up to Tadcaster in Yorkshire. It seemed as if the world was going mad & in a tearing hurry as the M1 was busy & very fast. we stopped for our usual 'Full On Picnic' at Woolley Edge service area, (where else would a woolley stop?)a well organised and prepared affair put together by Kathleen.)
Arriving at my daughters we received a welcome as warm as the Yorkshire temperature was cold & we sat down to a delightful tea. We spent the Eve at an Italian restaurant then returned to Claire's house for games whilst awaiting the turn of the year. All the worse for drink & hoarse for shouting during the riotous games we retired to bed at 2am!!
New years day we all went out for a walk across the Yorkshire moors. Though bitterly cold it was very, very memorable. Feeding horses and pigs that we past (in pens/fields!) en route.
Out time in Yorkshire ended with us all wishing on a hot air lantern which we released into the freezing night air on the 1st of January 2010.
The drive back home was an event that I'd rather note even write about as the trauma of the traffic, road works and weather still cause me PTSD!
This was a time to lock firmly in the memory banks: A happy time, Claires last New Year as a 'Woolley' & mine in full time employment.
Happy New Year!!

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