Sunday, 10 January 2010

A rant!!

I see that the most inappropriately named (Alistair) 'Darling' has said that he plans to give us a budget before the General election this year & that there will be "...far & deep ranging cuts...". The Fascist.
People.... a word of advice....never trust anyone whose eyebrows are a different colour from their hair. He fits that description.
That man looks deceitful. History will show that he has betrayed the very political ideology that he claims to represent. That he rewarded the rich at the expense of the few 'working' class that remain. His party having sacrificed the workers to the God known as Bankers.
Sadly, the nation I fear will not fare any better nor will living standards improve when the 'Brylcream' boy Cameron take office at number 10 Downing Street. Not only has he any experience in political administration, he consistently lies in his attempts to curry favour with the voters of the country.
My maternal Grandfather, a wise and intelligent Irish man long since passed away, said many years ago that "this country is finished" Sadly I think that he was and is right.

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  1. It's the disappointment that I find hardest to bear - at least you expect a Conservative government to systematically fuck over the workers whilst at the same time cowtowing to the rich. And now they're (more than likely) going to lose the next election and it'll be Lord Snooty and his gang of toffs in charge again. I think your grandfather was right, mate.