Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Harry Potter!

I'm not him yer know...Harry bleedin' Potter I mean. Its just that people specifically those referred to me, (& indeed some GP's seem to think that I'm him as well!)seem to mistake me for that warlock prat just because I wear glasses.
I have no magic spells to change some peoples shite lives, nor can I magic away their anxieties, their depressions, their phobias or compulsions unless they themselves become WILLING participants in therapy of some description-the majority however are neither willing nor interested in having any input to improve their lives. Instead they want me, a representative of the 'Nanny State' to magic away their woes! Perhaps assisted by the odd pill or two. No can do, nor am I willing too people!!
Take this as an example: One person who amid forced tears & untruths appeared to want me to banish away not only his ex wife but also the massive financial bills he'd accrued for non payments of something or other. I tell you now folks... I did not fall off the Christmas Tree last year.
Of course I wrote this person a cheque out there and then! My arse!
Thank God I leave 'Hogworts' in March!

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