Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Its not funny anymore....

It ain't funny anymore....this snow stuff I mean. Its gone one on since New Years Day & a wee bit before. Its cold, its costing me a fortune to heat the bloody house (& everyone keeps leaving doors open!)The local wildlife can't get any food and I have worn my old walking boots along with two pairs of socks to work for the last week.
I think I may have Trench Foot. I long to wear some light shoes again, to see the sun,& to feel its warmth on my face. I remember the feeling of warm that I felt when I got off the plane the last time I went to Spain Ahhhh!!! Sweet bliss! it seems like an age ago.
The scene outside the living room patio doors overlooking Highbury Park calls to mind the winter scene from the 'Chronicles of Narnia'-"Always winter never Christmas..." That's another thing... Christmas, with all its enforced joviality seems light years away now. Today, St. Hillary's day is traditionally the coldest day of the year/winter...well thats bullshit I have to say it should read...."...another one of the coldest days of the winter"

I tried I really did to get to work today, but the knowledge that I'll soon be finished with full time work & the difficulty in even getting up to the High Street prompted me to cancel my surgeries, phone work & book an annual leave day. So hear I am...I came home had some 'comfort food'-a fry, made a loaf & am in the process of making a chocolate cake.
So this is it then... the solitude of today with everyone out/working is what its likely to be like come March 31st-retirement. Not sure I like it...

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