Friday, 15 January 2010

Do they give a damn???

I see from the news over the last couple of days that even more British industries are closing their operations in the UK & moving overseas.
Today I hear that 900 odd people who work for 'Bosch Car parts' based in South wales are to lose their jobs as the company closes its UK operations after some 65 years & relocates to Hungary. I also hear that Twinings Tea (Who's website proudly boast that its a UK company!) are closing up their UK base & moving to Holland again with the loss of UK jobs.
The 'Government' that allegedly supports, encourages investment in the UK as well as supposedly safeguarding UK jobs has not come out & said a word. Rather they have passively sat back (as be their want) & done, as we the stupid gullible Brits come to expect & accept....nothing. Its HP sauce all over again...
Clearly The 'Labour' party of Gordon Brown has now finally demonstrated to the working people of the UK that they do not give a feck about what happens to them. As long as they can continue to occupy their cosy seats in Westminster, glean off thousands of pounds in expenses they are content.
When will the workers (the few that are left anyway) wake up & smell the tea?
I urge the electorate of this unemployed country to vote with their absence...& not vote. But their again... there are still the misguided few who will vote for the Fascist Cameron & his bunch of middle class, public school educated yahoo's who will then rip what little remains of the heart out of the country for their own gain.

Meanwhile: We still send young men & women to die in foreign fields when the call is made by the 'Government'. Buts thats personal choice I guess...

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