Friday, 15 January 2010

A bloody good slap

I think its a regretable (side) effect of getting old(er)- The intense desire I have to slap across the face and tell that recipient of the slap just what I think.
I'm thinking now of the letter I received from Birmingham City (shyster)Council threatening me with court action because I'm late with my Council Tax. The cheeky bastards!!!
My bins have not been emptied since before that festival of enforced joviality- (aka Christmas.) I have not been given any information on when they might be emptied & at the moment they remain outside my house where they will stay until they are emptied. My road resembles an ice rink that Torville & Dean could perform Ravel's Bolero on-so much for gritting.
All this serves to reinforce my belief that we, the tax paying public, don't matter a toss to the those who impose & collect those same said taxes.
Just when will the council become accountable to those poor sods who elected them & pay their salaries?

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