Monday, 4 January 2010

Ahhh...Tomorrow I return to work. I return with a heavy heart and a surreal feeling descending upon my spirits. I have a knowledge that I have only a limited time left to work in my present roll, this limitation does, if I am honest, have a bearing upon my commitment to what I do. However I am certain that when I sit there with the person before me I will lose that knowledge & feel that I have years more to offer that person.
But in practical terms the number of people I can offer therapy to is decreasing daily as I continue to work my period of resignation. This,I have not come to terms with yet. So tonight as I gaze at my name badge,lay out my work mobile phone and prepare my clothes I reflect upon these years as a full time health care professional are drawing to a close.
Analyse this... as the film invites us to....

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