Saturday, 26 December 2009

Thank God

Its all over! God I loathe Christmas, the enforced joviality, the inevitable arguments (which this year was very vocal but fortunately short lived) the bullshit that manifests itself as insincere bon amie and overthetop extravagance and the generalised gluttony.
One of the highlights though is the solitary isolation that prevails throughout British society where the streets are deserted of people though there are the odd morons driving like suicidal lemmings to pick up some relation they see for only for this 'special' day of the year.
But its all done now!! The shops are open for those hedonist consumer cretins who "must have" something or other.
Then there was/is my mother... however I will not comment on her or our painful relationship. Only to say that she is slowly killing herself by her neglecting her diet given that she is a diabetic. As a consequence her memory is atrocious, though much improved when she has eaten. This however she denies. But I said I wouldn't comment on her.... I think Phillip Larkin summed it all up in a poem which I will post later.
But now the sun is shining. The snow has gone and I'm going for a walk in the hills with my wife.

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