Thursday, 11 February 2010

Just what the hell is going on???

This,if you are able to tolerate it dear reader is a rant on three subjects which at the moment cause my teeth to itch. So if you feel able to put up with it, or want a laugh ( & I have no objection if you do)please read on....

I heard again today that the Government plans to continue with its ludicrous plan to make people continue to work to at least 65yrs age. I believe too that the Brylcreme Fascist (Cameron) has a notion to force people to work past that age!
Now to me this 'policy' seems the most ill thought out 'plan' since Winston Churchill said "I know, lets land some ANZAC soldiers on a beach called Gallipoli...." What I wonder is this: Have these public school, middle class toffs given a thought to what state people will be in by the time they reach 65 years of age & beyond? I think not. Leastwise I believe they don't give a toss.

Now tonight as I was surfing the net, (as I do) there was yet another programme on the TV about Katie (slapper) Price. That 'woman' in my opinion epitomises everything I loathe about celebrities. She broadcasts to the nation that she has broken up with her partner, returns to the UK & is mobbed by the gutter press. She then complains bitterly! Give me strength!! She in common with 90% of celebrities, is physically false, emotionally shallow & greedy beyond belief. At best she should be shot or better still drowned in a vat of fake tan!

Finally I feel vindicated. Kraft Foods have kept to their usual pattern of business: Within three weeks of taking over Cadbury's they have closed a branch of the company in Bristol thereby making approximately 400 people unemployed. No doubt the shareholders who netted a handsome profit by voting for the takeover responded with a shrug of their capitalist shoulders whilst Gordon Brown stood by indifferent to the plight of those who voted his party (NOT HIM) into office.

And so its goodnight from me.


  1. At the risk of sounding pedantic, whilst Churchill was First Lord of The Admiralty, and in charge of the naval assault at Gallipoli, Kitchener had appointed General Sir Ian Hamilton to command the Meditterranean Expeditionary Force which largely consisted of the ANZACS. Churchill waited until WWII to really fuck over Australia, when he decided that ANZACS would be better deployed defending Britain rather than their own lands.

    Might I recommend you try Eric Bogle's 'And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda' for a bit of true Aussie mawkishness.

  2. You are now by the sound of your Aussie knowlege, really getting into the Aussie culture etc! But didn't Ian Hamilton play for the Villa in the late 1970's?!! (aka 'Chico')
    Yeah, the warmonger Churchill sent most of the ANZAC's to the western desert if I remember it right or he got em killed dropping bombs on the Germans!
    ta for the Eric Bogle link john, will check it out.