Thursday, 18 February 2010

More snow!

Its twelve months almost exactly to the snowed on February 18th 2009, & here we are again more of the bloody white stuff! I'm sick of it but I tell you what, with only 27 working days left in fulltime employment I am NOT too stressed whether or not I go to the dungeon first thing in the morning Sod it!
I think that I've landed myself a part time job when I finally leave (did I mention that I was going to retire??)-I've negotiated three days working in the depot & venpuncture clinic. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. That suits me, its only a band 5 but that's ok. I'm hoping to start in early May but first I have to retrain as a 'blood letter'.

I went out for a curry with an old colleague the other day. He was very reassuring about all this retirement stuff. I don't (at least for the present!) feel so apprehensive & maudlin about the prospect of giving up full time work.In fact work is starting to bore the life out of me. I get there & just don't want to be there. I like the people, talking to them-colleagues & patients but all the associated crap is now so tiresome. I just want to do the basic minimum

I've been thinking....When the General Election is finally announced that I'll put £1 on Labour to win. I've had a bit of a rethink about Gordon Brown. I reckon that he is a man of morals, & maybe he hasn't made too bad a job of getting us back on a level footing, after all it was those wanker bankers & their greed that got us into the financial mess we're in. But,I hear you say, "Brown was too weak to rein the bastards in". True. But c'mon...for a quid? Its a worthwhile bet I think.
I think now that I'm gonna go up to the attic windows, scoop up some snow, make snowballs & throw 'em at the parked cars! The thud they make when they hit the roof is fantastic! "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional" as the saying goes.

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