Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A 'taste' of things to come??

Today marked the first of my last days annual leave from my full time time employment. Memorable....I reflect upon past days off spent on annual leave, holidays spent lazing about, spent in the cottage in Ireland with the kids when they were growing up and holidays spent at home because funds were tight.
Tomorrow though Kate & I are going to spend the day in the old market town of Ledbury in Herefordshire. We've been there before, its olde worlde with lots of good quality charity shops! We'll hopefully have a baguette with some locally made cheese whilst sitting in a bus shelter watching the world go by. Weather permitting it'll be grand!

Today though dear reader, I have spent the day painting the back kitchen-(photo to follow when the jobs completed!)and cooking. The cooking was caused me tho recall my friend John Middleton's last days spent in England. He parted with lots of his personal possessions & I was honoured to be given some of them. Today I used the rolling pin that he gave me. Its a simple thing but that piece of round wood was used by John to feed his family & today I did the same. I made a meat & potato pie topped with shortcrust pastry. Enclosed is a photo of said pie. Thank you John it was lovely!

I rounded off the day with a making some roasted red pepper and tomato soup-its as red as our newly painted kitchen wall! To go with it I made a wholemeal crusty loaf-tomorrows dinner sorted I think!
Now to the moan(s) of the day: I was looking at the plane fares to Adelaide & I found that to fly there would cost £749! How in Gods name do they justify that amount? Are the passengers served the choicest wines and truffles served by a selection of sexy Aussie ladies who will perform any sexual act/fantasy for & with you throughout the journey as well as tucking you up with a nice fairy story. My arse they do! It would have been a delight to see John and Charlotte but I really don't think I'm able to afford it this year & I don't want to go into debt at the moment. Kate retires in 2015 & we plan to sell the cottage when/if the market improves so.... that might provide a source of cash.
Finally; theres a big hue & cry about the standard(s)of care provided at a hospital in Staffordshire. As usual the nursing staff bare the brunt of the blame. However management are cited as being "...obsessed by targets & cost cutting..." I tell you now readers who aren't familiar with the workings of the NHS...all NHS hospitals are run along the same lines. I have been told that I must see a distressed, depressed patient for 50minutes & offer them only 6 sessions max'. Targets?? I think so. I have been told by a NHS 'manager' that the "service is a corporate business". Patient care appears to be secondary. Thank God I'm getting out!
At this point I will not mention bullying with in the NHS

OK.With that final moan I'm off to bed. Good night.

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