Thursday, 25 February 2010

Not a superpower anymore....

The headline photo in the local free supplement edition of the local reactionary Tory rag that was pushed through my door this morning displayed a photo of 3 people who were residents of Main House the only national residential unit for people with Personality Disorder. It showed then holding each other apparently crying. The headlines told that the 3 had apparently following a drunken binge attempted suicide in response to being discharged.The unit being forced to close now that the PCT's have pulled the financial plug.
Now regardless of your feelings about those members of our society who have a personality disorder, (& its my belief that we ALL have a PD of some degree, it being on a sliding scale of severity) this seems yet another example of the weakest ,most vulnerable members of society being scapegoated to by the government in its attempts to save money to spend on other ventures. Its either the mentally ill, children's, or services for the elderly that suffer the cuts.

So where is the money going?? Why, look no further than Afghanistan. The UK was taken into a war in Iraq & currently Afghanistan buy HRH Blair despite 1,000,000 people protesting in London against the war. We were taken into war by Blair who was the 'lap dog' of Bush, a war that history has proven cannot be won. Today we heard of 2 more deaths tomorrow how many more.
We are wasting money in an unwinable war. We are NO longer a 'world superpower', we cannot afford as a nation to pay for a war, any war. The mistake the nation is making is that we believe we are a superpower.
So whats to be done?? Well, history has also proven that if you want to draw a line under a conflict with terrorists the only way is to negotiate, to talk.

So I'm left wondering how many more cuts to public services will be made to fund the delusion that we are a world superpower? The nation is living above its means.The bottom of the bottomless pit is clearly visible, & Afghanistan is a war that is 'fought' but not in my name.

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