Monday, 22 February 2010

The state of play...

So here I am: Just over a month to leaving full time employment and to be honest I'm looking forward to leaving the bullshit that caring for people has become.
The mangers who supposedly manage the system, have by the fact that daily they change their minds on how the system/organisation is to run; I will not miss. I will miss some of my colleagues (but not the one who's voice goes through me & talks it appears just for the sake of hearing her own voice, telling each member of the team the same story over & over in the space of 10-15 minutes!
I will miss the networking. Most of all I will miss the patients. And I will miss the feeling that after seeing a patient that I have 'given them a mind'. Perhaps dismantled some fences that had been constructed thus preventing them from enjoying an improved quality of life.

I had a bottle of vodka brought me by a patient last week, whilst today I had a packet of biscuits, a bag of crisps & a bar of Cadbury's chocolate brought me. A little bit random but gifts nevertheless.
These things I shall miss. Not the gifts I hope you understand.

MY BT Internet at home has a"line fault" according to 'Ram' the nice fellow in Calcutta I spoke to today in my efforts to sort it out, so I am tying this on a computer at one of the surgeries I go to. God knows how long the "line fault" will take to repair, but it explains alot really. The Internet at home has been off & on for some days now & last night it decided to give up the ghost all together.
I have the last of my annual eave days to take over the next few days & plan to drive into the country with Kate for a spot of countryside viewing, shopping & enjoying each others company.

I think that I have landed myself with a part time job when I finally do retire: Its 3 days weekly-hopefully Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at Newbridge House in the depot & venepuncture clinic. I have accepted the offer made to me, & hope to begin on Tuesday May 4th. Hopefully...

God I am a pessimist. I worry awfully about money-that we won't have enough, worry that this job won't come off etc etc. All this worry despite being reassured by those that matter.But one thing I do know: I know that I won't be able to afford to visit John In Australia. The lump sum won't stretch that far taking into account Claire's' wedding & havimng to pay off a sizeable chunk of the bloody mortgage.
This is a pain in the arse. I'd have loved to have gone but such is life.
Gotta go now my 4o'clock is waiting to be seen.

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  1. Wool, if you didn't have your priorities prioritised, you wouldn't be such a decent bloke, and - therefore - my mate. Also, thanks to the Brown/bank catastrophe, and, I might add, the successful management of Australia's economy by the Australian Labor Party), visiting Oz from the UK is HORRENDOUSLY expensive at the mo. So, just put us on the post-lotto win 'to do' list . Would love youz to visit one day, there's lots of stuff to show you.

    Incidentally, have you seen this?

    Has it occurred to you, that you're going to be the new Kim Lew? May you be as big a thorn in management's side as he.