Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I rest my case #

So there I was in a local coffee bar enjoying an afternoon coffee with an attractive lady I used to work with, when the young Fascist waiter with whom I am (unfortunately as it happens) acquainted with comes over to pass the time of day with us.
I know him to be a Conservative voter through & through, he is a university graduate who tells me that he cannot get a "better job" & has previously blamed the Labour Government for his employment plight.
Asking me about the budget, I tell him that I thought it draconian, that the Lib-Dems had yet again betrayed the electorate by going back on their election pledge not to raise VAT by sanctioning the increase up to 20% and that Public Service workers have once again had to suffer a pay freeze whilst the bankers who got us into this current financial mess continue to draw enormous financial bonuses.

This misguided bourgeois prat replies that it was not the bankers fault that we are in the financial mess, its the workings mans fault. He supported his belief by continuing to say that we were the ones who went to the banks to ask for loan for cars, houses holidays etc.
But I ask, what about the issue that the bankers continue to award themselves fat cash bonuses? To which he he says that it was "perk of their business".

Turning away I say to myself that this misguided young man deserves to work all hours God sends for a minimum wage as a waiter in a coffee bar dispite the fact he has some degree or other. I hope that his parents are proud of him & that one day he wont end waiting for hours to be cared for on a ward by one of the nurses whose pay has been frozen by his Fascist Government.

He didn't get a tip.

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