Saturday, 26 June 2010


I have noticed that since quiting work that not only do I have a little more time, but I also have more space within my thoughts for matters other than work.
Whilst working my time was occupied with matters relating to work, I had little space for which other matters could enter my life & thoughts. I had little time (nor energy) to allow muses, things of beauty or reflections to creep into my life.
However I now have this time. I am able to see the artistic potential of even the most mundane objects in life, I watched with intrigue a garden spider repairing her web & the industrious bees working their way around the crop of Foxgloves in the garden.

I reflected too upon the lack of Spirituality within the Roman Catholic Church-the Church I was baptised in.Every moment in the service is filled with noise of some description. There is no opportunity to 'be'.NO gaps within the noise to allow the spirit to settle (or to stir up!)within the heart. And I think I know why this space is denied: I believe that were people allowed this space, a time to reflect, to be silent for even a short time then God only knows what might happen!! People might not come back to the church again. They might, talk to one another, they might be spontaneous.
To have space or a period of silence flies in the face of the autocratic church rulers want. They rule, make policies, portray God as a uniform being-one size fits all. To have space or silence in the Holy Mass would allow the Spirit of God (whatever you perceive him or her to be)to enter the individual on an individual level. This,, to the autocratic church leaders/rulers would terrify them & anarchy would ensue. Bring it on!!!
For the sake of this space I now go to Mass on a Monday or Tuesday when there is the odd opportunity for silent reflection.

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