Sunday, 20 June 2010

It explains a lot folks....

Its taken me almost 58 years to arrive at the conclusion I am about to share with you people, and, to be honest it helps me understand a great deal about myself & MY behaviour.
This is the conclusion then: Over the last few weeks as I have become increasingly involved in my mothers daily care, she has become increasingly dependant upon my input & help in sorting out her everyday tasks.
When left to her own devices however she has managed to sort out the most mundane & on occasion complex tasks. The more that I have done the more she demands of me.
I believe now that my mother has a dependant personality disorder. This might seem heartless, but, reflecting upon her early childhood experiences (the details of which I will withhold)I can understand why she is like how she is.

Her behaviour causes me great emotional stress, frustration & at times anger. My professional experience reminds me that my feelings & responses are exactly the same as the responses I encountered caring for patients with a personality disorder whilst working as a community psychiatric nurse. (feelings & emotions common to all nurses caring for PD's.)

I am now engaged in the process of attempted to establish exactly what personality disorder type I am!?!! I am willing to listen to the opinions of others...especially my former CPN colleague John on this one!

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  1. Everyone has got a problem of some kind. Billy Connoly put it best. He was tested for ADHD, hyperactivity, dyslexia and all other things. In his own words, " It took them 8 fucking years to find out I was THICK ! "