Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sick and tired....

Of all the things in this beautiful world that irritate me, make my teeth itch, cause me to feel really cross & actually provoke me to what has been called anarchistic responses are other people.
Specifically, people who attempt to 'control' & organise my day, my actions & especially those who attempt to tell me/control my beliefs & ideologies. This loathing I have also extends to those who regard the manner in which I live & my style of living as somehow inferior to theirs. They then have the damn gall to voice their biased opinions to me. Bastards.

I will not accept a directive that I must go somewhere, be somewhere etc at a certain time.
I will not accept obediently that I must conform with such & such policy just because the majority say that its right & proper to do so, & because the policy has been decided on my behalf by a body who did not ask my opinion in the first place. I am thinking now of the Nursing & Midwifery Council to whom I pay £65 odd per year for the privilege of being allowed to work as a nurse.

Rules, rules & more rules. Arrogant people believing themselves to be right, perfect, that their manner of living their life in their style is wonderful & that mine is shite & imperfect. Go to hell!!

I'll tell you what though...passive resistance is good & fine up to a point. Then I become the rebel, the anarchist & I refuse to play the game. Rather, I declare war & go on the offensive in my attempts to deal with these gobshites. And I have reached that point now...

And another thing... whats with the bloody flies?? buzzing around the house, dirty vermin. Get the hell away from me!

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