Thursday, 17 June 2010

Re:Watch this space...

Since my last posting when I said my intention to withdraw a little from my mothers care, I am mightily pleased to report that it has paid off. She hasn't poisoned herself, overdosed on Metformin or ant of her other medication(s) rather she has self administered her medications correctly & only once phoned me in a state of panic after she has almost had her debit card 'chewed up' in a ATM after she forgot her PIN number.
I have to point out that my mothers 'Pre-Morbid Personality' is one of panic & anxiety. I have no hesitation to say now dear reader that my faith in the system of care that I have practised throughout my nursing career i.e. that of 'Benign Neglect' continues to prove its worth & I would recommend it to any of you. I have also employed it successfully in the upbringing of my children. However (call it disarming the critic!) there are those amongst you who know my off springs who would disagree with me!

So tomorrow I take mom to the doctors to discuss a package of care & later I will take her to the local DGH where she will have the second treatment of four which will hopefully improve her vision.

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