Monday, 4 April 2011

Cameron, I think I have it sorted for you.....

I'm not sure about the UK et al involvement in this Libya thing. I reckon that we hear propaganda from all 3 sides in this conflict. I do know that each time a Cruse missile is launched it costs £3,000,000. That is just about money to keep me supplied with Abbot Ale for life. (just). Seriously though, what the hell is going on here? Cameron & his Judas catamite Clegg announced that they plane to scrap so many RAF fighter bombers & squadrons the other week. But Dave I got an idea!!! Ok, so we need planes to bomb the world & Gods Mother over there in Libya. We ain't got those planes. Sooooo..... why not spend a few bob & hire some Ryan Air &/or EasyJet planes to do the job(s) for you? Job sorted Dave!

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