Monday, 4 April 2011

Spring morning in Birmingham

The air outside in my garden is still this morning. Bright yellow Daffodils announce to the world that new life was being born again, & theres blossom on the plum tree at the bottom of the garden. But today is chilly at 9*c, the sun hiding its face behind grey clouds while the nuthatch goes about his business; nest building, & teasing Charlie. I've seen two new birds in the grey sky this morning. They weren't nest building though. They are a dull colour & their song chills me to the bone. They prey on the maimed, the scared & the traumatized. They song is mournful as their wings beat the air of south Birmingham. One of these birds is called 'The Merlin' -not the stuff of King Arthur is this wizard though, rather its an army helicopter carrying yet more wounded & damaged young soldiers to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Close by in attendance is its sibling the Chinook, the thud, thud, thud of his wings rhythmically seems to cry "prepare the sick beds for the damaged souls that I hold in my belly". And then the beasts disgorge their victims leaving them to the physicians to attempt a healing. Then the birds fly off to search for more prey. Today spring is monochrome & has a song of pain & sadness about it. Stop this war now!! Cull the Merlin & Chinook.

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