Thursday, 28 April 2011

A couple of rants & a catch up.....

Me & Kate went down to London this week. We got the coach & went to the Tate Modern art gallery & had a delightful time. However the day was a tad marred by by the crowds-thousands of people appear to have flooded into the city for the bloody Royal Wedding. Outside broadcast TV trucks were all over the place, portaloos seemed to be literally growing out of the ground in readiness for the urinary & faecal needs of those plebs who are foolish enough to give up their time to watch this the royalist of marital fiasco's. Crazy.
Me? I don't give a tinkers cuss about the wedding. Its on every TV station from first thing in the morning, it seems as if the whole of the damn country has gone mad. To be honest I'd sooner stick a hot poker up my arse than watch it.....I have no interest, though I do wish the two of em good luck

To a worry I have: I am quite worried about my cat. Poor Charlie has lost his joie de vie, he's not jumping onto the window sill anymore, walking slowly & winces each time I stroke his right rear thigh. Bless him, he's still eating though. I took him to the vet, his TPR were OK (this was last week) but I got some painkillers for him. They appear to help a little but he's still in pain-he hissed at my daughter a while ago when she stroked his thigh. I don't know whats amiss with him but I'm taking him back to the vet on Saturday morning. Watch this space.

So now its Syria that's in turmoil.
People are once again dying. Being slaughtered by their own despotic leader while the world gazes passively on. Tell me then, why is the world doing nothing, why are the rich nations of the West intervening & coming to the aid of the populace of Syria? Simple.....There's no oil in Syria.

Back to the Royal wedding folks: I see that Prat Cameron has withdrawn the Syrian ambassadors invitation to the wedding. Crap!! What a pathetic gesture from a sexist, patronising Prime Minister. Moreover, if we were to do this with any morality, the invitations open to other nations in the world who oppress their citizens should be withdrawn. I'm thinking of Saudi Arabia-who have invaded Bahrain & govern their own people with a cruel despotic hand. But there again, Saudi do supply us with Oil-we don't want to upset them do we??? What hypocrite's we are aren't we!!

I won't bore you any more people, and if you are watching the wedding...don't mind me, I'm a grumpy old man!

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