Tuesday, 12 April 2011

What is the point?!?!

This evening I saw a commercial on television that caused me to question the sanity of the average UK shopper.

The commercial in question was advertising toilet paper. The stuff is apparently quilted & "extra, extra soft...." The commercial features a cuddly bear wrapped in the stuff. It really is total crass.

For God's sakes its toilet paper... its for wiping your backside on. save your money & the planet people, buy the (much) cheaper stuff cos after all it only gets flushed away.


  1. but (no pun intended lol, but I didn't spell it "butt"), people don't like the scratchies on their rear-ends!!!! lol

  2. Now, I must take issue with you on this one - toilet paper is one of the few things you should never economise on (along with, I dunno, washing powder and paint - you buy cheap, you buy twice etc)...Incidentally, I emptied the suggestion box on my ward this week and someone had written (on a piece of toilet paper)words to the effect of: "Sir, please buy better quality dunny paper. It's a false economy. Would you like to wipe your bronzer on this?" - which, I thought, was like a little piece of Australian blank verse.

  3. Gotta agree with you on the paint point John & to a degree the washing powder too. Howeve,r Aldi's best sems to work ok over her. But the toilet roll naw.... Its for wiping yer arse on! Somehow the fact of spending lotsa dosh on stuff that I wipe me backside on & then flush away don't fit (as it were!!)By the way, if the author of the written request didn't put their name to the note I say sod em! Give em some 'Izal' paper-you remember the shiny stuff we had at school?!