Saturday, 30 April 2011

The price of love??

As you know Charlie my cat is sick. So this morning after being greeted with a couple of hisses & a spit ( my usual foreplay from Kath) I took him to the vets again.
The poor fella, I wish he could speak with me & tell me just what it is that's troubling him, I feel utterly hopeless in my attempts to help him. Taking hold of him by the scruff of the neck I gently put him in the cat box & went to see the unfortunately named Dr Fox (the vet).
Once there Charlie was inspected, injected & then rejected (in a manner of speaking). He had his leg prodded,tummy felt for lumps, his balls felt & the final indignity-a thermometer stuck up his arse.

All it appears was/is normal. The possible conclusion was that (as usual) his sickness is possibly due to a fight. He may have a would that is infected ? on/near his back thigh that is infected under the skin-ugh!!
Anyways, he was given an antibiotic injection, a script for some more analgesics & the instruction to bring him back in 2/52 for a blood test. if in an act of passive protest Charlie pisses on the floor of the examination room!! Thats my boy!!

All this cost me £53.60p....but there is no price on love is there?


  1. no, there is no price on love. I know you are against keeping cats indoors but since poor Charlie was already in a fight is it something you might consider? I would hate to hear of something much worse happening (((((hugs)))) to dear Charlie

  2. Thanks for your best wishes & thoughts Caren. Charlie seems a slightly bit better today though he's still not allowing us to fuss him. You know it would trouble me so much to keep him in especially as the sun is shining now, the garden is looking lovely, the brezze blowing thru the tall poplar trees at the bottom of the garden-it would break my heart to do so.
    Apparently Caren, there is a law in the UK that prohibits keeping cats indoors 24/7. But: we have a plan!-we're gonna keep him indoors at night & allow him out during the day-its the kindest compromise I can give him. What you think?

  3. I never knew that the UK had such a law! OMG!!! Well I understand then for sure. I think your idea then of allowing Charlie to go out during the day and making sure he is home at night is a good idea. Most cats sleep during the day and if any cats are going to try and cause him any trouble (or other animals for that matter) they are more inclined to do that at night. Glad to hear it and I think that is a great idea! I am also glad Charlie seems to be doing much better!