Monday, 9 May 2011

Cameron, Clegg & the NHS reforms

It would appear as if the prime Minister David Cameron might be finally seeing the light. Following his proposed reforms to the National Health Service, his partner in crime Nick (the Judas) Clegg has, it seems had an attack of 'sour grapes' prompted I think, by the Lib-Dems atrocious performance in last weeks local elections, & their failure to persuade the electorate to change the voting system in the UK.

Clegg (remember he is supposed to be running the country along with Cameron) spoke out & criticized Cameron & the proposed reforms in no uncertain terms.

Now to you Mr Cameron I say this: Clegg is a weak willed, inexperienced politician, but above all Mr Cameron he is a Judas-today's comments by him prove this I think.

I rest my case.

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