Monday, 9 May 2011

This is the limit!!

We all to a drive up to see Claire (my eldest daughter) in Tadcaster (Yorkshire) yesterday-Sunday. as it was her 30th birthday.

Aside of forgetting the Sat Nav', getting lost, & returning to Birmingham via the counties of the East Midlands of England- Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire & skirting thru Leciestershire, via the loathsome town of Grantham (remember thats where Margaret Thatcher hailed from) but, we all had a lovely day in the warm sunshine of rural Yorkshire. Wonderful.

But then: driving thru the lovely olde English village of Wetherby I drove into a pot hole that was the depth of a lunar crater. It jarred our bones, I lost a hub cap off the rear wheel, not to even think about whatever damage occurred to the suspension of the 'Silver Dream Machine' -aka my Skoda Roomster.

"Right then, the bastards" thinks me, having just payed £210 ($105) for the 'privilege of driving/keeping my car on the public roads I'm gonna sue the bloody council for damages to my car. However first we all had our lunch & only 1 beer in an idyllic country pub. So en route back to Claire's house we stopped with the intention of taking a photo of the hole. However: The bloody thing had just been filled in!! The tarmac was still wet & warm. Bastards!!I can't still believe it! How come??

It just ain't right nor fair. I believe some local resident witnessed the event & came out & filled the hole with a handy bag of redi mix tarmac they had in their shed. Very kind for those motorists who might do as I did but to late for me.

Sods law I reckon. But I had to laugh....

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