Friday, 20 May 2011

This week....

The week is almost over now. Its Friday nite and I'm sitting here suppin' a pint of Guinness. Wonderful. Today was the quietest day that I've spent manning the duty 'phone for years! I completed 1 assessment of a a sad young man and received only 3 fax referrals from local GP's. Normally, its akin to an actor appearing in the play Macbeth to say the name 'Macbeth' for a nurse to say that a shift is "quiet". This is usually the kiss of death  & the catalyst for all hell to break loose! But today was the exception. Lovely.
I arrived home to find that the workman had completed the installation of the wood burning stove we are having put in the front room. Better still, the mess left was less than I expected.
Further good news is that Charlie Coal is almost back to his old self. As I speak he is playing with a small leaf on the floor beneath my feet! Its a treat to see him on the road to recovery it really is.
Finally Kate returns tomorrow from her week away looking after her 96 yr old mom in Belfast. I'm so looking forward to her return and to hearing all her news from the family in Belfast.
All we need now is for a sudden, unexpected cold front and snap to descend on Birmingham & we can then spend a cosy nite around the fire with a nice bottle of French red wine.


  1. is that your actual stove? It is beautiful!! It must be awfully cool there right now.
    I am THRILLED that Charlie is getting better and better with each passing day!

  2. Thats the stove Caron! The ouside tempeture here in Birminham is currently 15 degrees Centigrade but with a cool wind causing the wind chimes in the garden to sing.
    thanx for your thoughts on the real master f the house-aka Charlie! You know theres little to beat seeing your previously sick cat rolling on his back in in the sunshine is there?