Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Personal choice......?

I went back to my family doctor again this morning. This was a pre arranged appt booked to once again take a blood specimen to check out whether I was diabetic or not. Apparently the last 2 fasting results were 6.2mmol, which I'm told ain't good.
So. I fast for 12 hours, awake & without my beloved home made rhubarb & ginger jam on crusty bread & cup of Earl Grey tea, cycle up to see the gorgeously stylish nurse Erica. She then tells me that she ain't gonna take my blood but rather leave it 'til the autumn. Now I can forgive nurse Erica anything- not just because she is so stylish, but also because her body language is relaxed & she has time for each patient. However today she annoyed me a little.
So I had no blood taken. But then she tells me that although my blood cholesterol is "ok & respectable", my HDL's are too low & she launches into this spiel about how & what I should eat if I want to live to a ripe age & avoid this & that bloody illness.
Theres much too much of this sort of shite flying about this country in my opinion. I was ona train recently & was tiold not to leave "my valuables on the train & please ensure that I've taken all & every bit of my luggage" What the hell??!!! They are MY valuables & its MY luggage-if I want to leave it on the train I'll bloody leave it!!  The lovely nurse Erica is feeding me the line she has to I know- she is an agent of the 'Nanny State'-where the state does everything (including think) for you. Its all about control I reckon-call me paranoid but....
If I wanna have a heart attack by the time I'm 60 then its my decision. If I don't wanna have treatment for the aforementioned MI then its my choice ( I would like to however at this moment in time anyhow!)
Its the same when we travel on aircraft. We're told to "pay attention whilst we instructed on how to put on the life jacket. Feck off!! If I don't wanna wear one I won't! & don't tell me to pay attention-I had enough of that when I was at school.
There you have my rant for today people.

However, I am a little disappointed that I won't see nurse Erica until September though!!

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