Saturday, 7 May 2011

My Cats a junkie!

I took my (still) sick cat Charlie to the vets again today. The vet was lovely, she had a melodious Scottish accent that made everything seem better & if if she were to practice CBT, her voice would bring about an orgasmic distraction.

However I stray past the point.

The point is that Charlie is very sick, I actually shed a tear yesterday when I looked at old photos of how he was pre illness. He avoids us, he hisses & growls when we go near him, generally its very, very disturbing & we all here at number 104, have a strong feeling of impotence about his illness.

Anyway, Moria, (the lovely vet) gave us 20 minutes of her time & lovely accent. Sadly I don't think Charlie appreciated any of this , well would you if you had a thermometer stuck up your arse & had your legs, spine etc twisted this way & that? No I think not. I think though she found the trouble.

When she felt his spine he almost climbed the wall. She thinks that he may have either an infection in 1 of the discs in his lumbar vertebrae or he has bruised that part of his vertebrae where she felt. This might have been caused by the big bully cat who lives 4 doors up fighting with, & jumping upon Charlies' back. The vicious bastard!

What can we do/has been done?

Well she has grounded Charlie for 5 days, he had 2 injections-I of Metacam-a feline painkiller & another of a stronger painkiller. He also has to have 0.05ml of the aforementioned painkiller put in his grub daily til' we return to see the lovely Moria next Wednesday.

Since the injections poor old Charlie has been completely off his face! The poor fella is totally spaced out on painkillers. Having said that he looks much less tormented by pain, & allows us to stroke him. And, like any cat of mine, he still manages to make it to the kitchen to eat his supper! That's my boy!!

Thank you to St Gertrude of Nivelles & St Francis



  1. sending purrs and prayers to are all in our thoughts! Please get better soon Charlie! We are counting on you! xoxo

  2. Much appreciated Caron. Thankfully post drugged up state Charlie is getting back to something resembling his old feline self. He lets us fuss him now, but I have to keep having to 'ground' him it breaks my heart seeing him staring longingly at the garden bathed in sunshine breaks my heart.

  3. Paul, we are praying for Charlie! Would you like me to post a prayer request on the pet prayer blog?

  4. Thank you Esther that would be wonderful. I hope Samson is improving. I did pray for him & for all that love him.

  5. Paul, although I have been praying for Charlie, I did not see this until today. A prayer request has been now been posted. Thanks for your prayers too.