Monday, 30 May 2011


God I'm getting cross!!
I have just seen Cat Chat with Caren & Cody's post of the cat singing Star Spangled Banner  (totally brilliant by the way)- I wanted to post a comment but when I try I'm met with a drop down menu of things which may as well be in Serbo-Croat as far as I'm concerned cos I ain't got a clue what the hell they mean! Then when I take a guess I have to keep signing in to the Blogger website-shite!!
And that's not all: Today's is a bank holiday over here, Its almost June (high summer) and the bloody temperature is 11 degrees C! Now come on God....stop messing about, get yer act together & send us abit of sunshine or I might just turn up late for Mass next Sunday morning!! O &  could you please stop the rain??? Please....


  1. OMC!! I just popped in and I can't believe it! Ohhh I feel soooooooo bad for you! Are you using Internet Explorer? I heard that last week everyone who was using IE wasn't able to comment in blogger. I bet that is the problem. I am on Google Chrome and I didn't have any difficulty. I am soooooo sorry!! Please let me know what browser you are using!

  2. sad to say caren I AM on IE! I might try Google Chrome

  3. Ahhhh...THERE is your problem! I cannot begin to tell you how much trouble I used to have when I was on IE!! The best thing I EVER did was to get away from it. I have been using Google Chrome since October and I am a zillion times happier with it than I was using IE. I have also used Mozilla Firefox in the past but experienced some problems with that as well. A lot of people love Mozilla Firefox, I am not one of them!