Saturday, 4 June 2011

Advertising & toilet rolls.

Those of you who read the rants etc that I post on this blog will be familiar with my rant a few weeks ago about toilet paper. In that post I ranted that how absurd I believed it is that we are encouraged by advertisers to spend a mint on 'soft, quilted toilet paper', when all we do is wipe our backside on it then flush it down the pan.

OK, get this: I saw a commercial on TV last night which had Labrador puppy dogs playing musical instruments, relaxing in a supposedly 'gentlemens club' & smoking Havana cigars! What were they endorsing??....Toilet rolls!! WTF!! The commerical continued & showed us that we could ,(if we were insane enough in my view)-buy the afore advertised (soft) toilet rolls printed with coloured stars on. Jesus Christ on the mountain!. The world has gone totally crazy. Half the world doesn't have enough to eat, young people of all creeds, nations & religions are being killed in their thousands weekly in wars & the 'Third world' is chain to a debt imposed by us the 'First world' And what are we encouraged to think about & spend our frozen salaries on???...pretty patterned loo rolls. Bullshit!!
But can anyone tell me please....What have Labrador puppies playing musical instruments, relaxing in a 'gentlemans club' got to do with the softness & effectivness of shit house tissue?

I ain't gotta clue but I'm sure someone out there has.

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