Monday, 6 June 2011

A Workers right...R.I.P.

Today Cameron & his Judas sidekick Clegg showed their true colours & intentions. They today bared the birthmark of right wing Conservatism.
Nor content with a pay freeze for public service workers, bullshitting the country with the their 'Big Society' doctrine-which is really another way of saying to the population that "you're going to put up with fewer nurses, less provision for the elderly, dirtier streets, larger class sizes,increased waiting time for hospital admissions, more people sliving on the breadline "....etc etc. They announced to day that they plan to go one step further than the terrible dragon Margaret Thatcher did in her persecutions against the working person. Cameron et al have announced that if the Trade Unions go on strike later this year aginst his imposed cuts in public service he will make it effectively illegal to strike. (he has actually said that a Trade Union must prove that they have had 50% turn out in any ballot for a strike).
God, Cameron the terrible dragon would be SO proud of you you smug smooth arse hole.

Not that their are many 'workers' left mind you, the Government has seen to that, & at the same time reduced all & every state benefit. And what has the Lily livered Milliband et al said about this? Naf all. Nowt. Sod all. Nothing. Resign Milliband & do the working person a favour, let someone else do the job. (but who??)
However, we have a war & the Olympic Games so that's OK then ain't it?! These pointless & expensive pastimes take our mind off the real world don't they?
Incidentally. My belief is that we all have only ourselves to blame for either voting for Cameron/Clegg or worse still not voting at all in the General Election .
RIP Workers Rights.

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