Thursday, 9 June 2011

My cats a pugilist!!

I had a serious talk with Charlie tonight. Fresh from my rant about Cameron et al I was not up for any of his nonsense.
You see he's bee fighting again- in fairness he's better than he was last night when he didn't budge from his bed & hissed at me when I attempted to tickle his ear. ( Years ago there were some women who would swoon were I to tickle their ears (honest)! LOL!
Anyway, in the UK you're charged £46 ($33) for an antibiotic jab & £20 ($10) just for the privilege of a vet looking & treating your cat & insurance companies won't pay out for cat fights. So I told bucko that he had to rely on whatever natural immunity he had to heal himself. He looked at me as if my trousers were undone at a wedding as I ranted at him as he lay supine on his bed.  " you gotta put a lid on this pugilism Charlie, who do think you bloody well are Mike Bloody Tyson?" "You ain't mate, you've had your bits cut off, you're furry & cute & Kate's giving me a hard time so you are NOT going out to play tonight-not to fight you ain't!"
Then I melted, give him a fuss, called him for supper & told him not to behave like a tit & if he did get ill I'd pay more money than I have sense to get him well.
And Charlies response??? He smiled slowly with his eyes. Ahhhh...

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