Friday, 17 June 2011

Public service pensions

The latest offering of crap and plan designed to drive the proletariat further into the ground was  issued from the gobshite Government was revealed today:
Today they announced that those who work in the public service areas (except police, military & fireman) will have to work up to 66years old whilst at the same time pay more into their monthly pension. At first glance you might That's fair & OK ain't it?
But no: Those who work in the public service are frequently engaged in stressful, demanding jobs. And whilst as a 25 year old an individual can daily cope with the pressures & stresses of dealing with psychopaths, would be suicidal patients telling you that they're gonna top themselves, or staff in general medicine dealing daily with blood, gore & vein s in their teeth, as a 60 year old I think it might not be so easy. You just ain't got the stamina as a 66year old as you have when you're 26years.Fact.
Come to that, if Cameron & the other prize twat want to reduce youth unemployment surely you needs jobs for them to go to?
But if the jobs are full of old grunters like me there ain't gonna jobs for them are there??
Well thought out Cameron.

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