Thursday, 9 June 2011

If you ever doubted it.....

If any of you readers of my humble ranting blog ever doubted that our Prime Minister & his catamite Judas sidekick Clegg are completely & utterly out of touch with what is REALLY going on in the UK, & how their extreme political policies affect the man in the street. Then I suggest you watch his shite for brains speech in response to the Archbishop of Canterbury's spot on comments today.

Cameron said (amongst other Homer Simpsonesque comments); that " is right to take people off benefit, and get them back to work..." D'oh!! But Cameron...... there ARE NO jobs out there you twat! Your policies have caused numerous employers to close, make thousands of people redundant whilst at the same time encouraging companies to move their business offshore.

By the way folks: I went for a spin on my bike tonight. My bike proudly sported a sticker that said.'Assembled in Britain'. I felt sick. That's what British industry has come to-one giant assembly line.
Sad. Thanks Messrs C & C.

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