Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The 2012 London Olympics & Vaughan Williams

As I type away at the laptop this on a chilly April morning in Birmingham, the rain pouring down, Charlie Coal refusing to go out & patrol his environs, I reflect upon the approaching London Olympic Games.
Charlie, looking thoroughly miserable, sits in the ajar patio door, glancing up at me occasionally as if saying "c'mon Paul, you make bread, make me cosy by the blazing fire, can't you make it stop?" Sorry Chas' no can do, sit here with me & listen to Vaughan Williams fiddling away as he watches the Lark Ascending, & in a little while I'll fix us both a little smackeral. Call it comfort eating.

Anyway to the Olympics. I've never been much of a lad for sport. I guess I was turned off by the bullying behaviour of the P.E. teachers at school, who mercilessly physically abused me & others who didn't come up to scratch.
I follow a bit of soccer, but never go to watch a local game as I believe the players earn too much (some of them in excess of £10K weekly) for it to be classed as 'sport'. I follow the results of Aston Villa but really I'm not too upset if they lose.
Whatever. The farce that is the Olympics is costing the UK a fortune to stage, the hype & spin that Cameron's government is pumping out is to many I guess, a distraction to the dire state of the nation. Which is all part of Cameron's plan I believe. The UK can't afford it, when daily there are at least 8 'food banks' opening across the country.Thus is an indication of the poverty that exists in a country that is spending millions on an unwinable war & splashing out billions on a sporting event that will last all of 2 weeks.
Now we hear that Cameron is contemplating placing surface to air missiles on top of blocks of flats (apartments) as a defence against terrorists!! I ask you people...did we condemn Saddam Hussain for using the civilian population as a 'human shield'?
This is crazy. BUT: how about this for an idea???...The original Olympic Games began in Ancient Greece thousands of years ago. Modern day Greece is in almost bankrupt. Wouldn't be very symbolic if Greece were to host the games every 4 years? Greece the mother of the games, the games returning to their home soil. OK, Greece can't afford it at the moment but the rest of the world helps them fund it pro term.
My plan I reckon, would also help Greece get out of the mess that its currently in.
Its a thought....
O well.... Its still raining, the postman looks drenched, he declines a cup of coffee, Charlie Coal has given up on venturing out & has fallen asleep on the sofa,  and Vaughan Williams' Lark has ascended into a idyllically blue English summer sky.
Ah, the power of the imagination.....

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  1. ill have a coffee next time paul, but more indoor work beckons me for a month or 2 im afraid, oh and i aggree with your idea for the olympics being in greece, but the bad news is we have them for 4 weeks not 2, so double the cost eh!!!