Saturday, 5 May 2012

The UK local election results

Thursday last saw the first local elections for councils in the UK. All the main political parties put forward candidates for election to councils of all the major cities. As well as the 'main' 3 parties there were, (as there usually are!) some of the more obscure parties represented. Parties such as 'The Monster Raving Loony Party', &'The Penguin Party'.
The latter is basically an independent party whose candidate A Professor Pongoo stood for election in Edinburgh. (Only in the UK could this happen!!)

Anyhow. I am happy to report that the Conservative along their Liberal Democrat catamite buddies were swept off the electoral board by the Labour Party candidates across the UK. O happy Day!!Its a bit late & a tad premature the bastards should not have been voted into office in the last General election in the first place, & we have another 5 years to wait until we get an opportunity to vote them out again! Still the recent local election results were a statement I , & Cameron et al would do well to heed these results.

And in Edinburgh??? Professor Pongoo beat the Liberal democrat candidate into second place!!
I enclose a photo of Professor Pongoo for your amusement.

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